1. Hello, I am Airi! From the head of October, I became a member of teachers! Please to meet you guys!

(こんにちわ10月から仲間入りしましたAiri です!よろしくお願いします)



As we all know, the New Year is just around the corner, so we had a big event at the end of December, the Christmas party! I've been to different teacher's classes before, and every time, it felt unique and special.

※around the corner もう少しで

( もうすぐ新年ですね、12月の大イベントクリスマスパーティーをしました!わたしは、いろいろな先生のクラスに行きました、どのクラスもそのクラスの色があるパーティーでした ( ..)φメモメモ)


Here is a  picture of Yuki sensei's class (ゆき先生のクラス)


Students had a game after getting familiar with Christmas-related vocabularies. The mechanic was for the players to catch a paper tree as soon as they hear a keyword. They have to repeat the words except for keywords.





This is a picture of Namiki sensei's class.(なみき先生のクラス)

We also learned about Christmas traditions all over the world by watching a short movie. They seemed to watch intently. With them, I discovered new things too! 

(わたしたちは、世界でのクリスマスの過ごし方も学びました!みんなすごく集中している様子ですね✨ω')ノ 私自身も新しいことを学べました!)






At Megumi sensei's class.(めぐみ先生のクラス)


Students did a concentration game with teachers; surprisingly, they used words in conversation soon. After that, they enjoyed making a snowman using a disposable plate.

(せいとさん達は、覚えるのがすごく早く会話の中に単語を取り入れていました✨そのあとは、紙でオリジナル⛄雪だるまを作りました)So lovely ♡



Did you enjoy your Christmas?     I did !!!

Have a great new year and See you soon  !!