Hello everyone!! This is Ryoko!


Last Sunday, on September 12th, we had a Sunday school event at Hitsu school in Matsue. 先日9月12日(日)に、松江の比津校でSunday Schoolが開催されました。

Having a different topic than usual, we learned about the theme of “Animations in Japan and overseas”. In the special lesson, children enjoyed the card game with music and learned a lot about the “Anime” culture in English!!  いつもとは違うスペシャルレッスンで、今回「日本のアニメ・海外のアニメ」をテーマに、ゲームや音楽を取り入れながら、英語で文化を学びました!











It is very important to know your own culture when communicating with people from different counties. 海外の方との交流において、自国の文化を知ることはとても重要です。











We got so excited, having much fun and studying many famous lines in well-known animations!! 有名なアニメの有名なセリフを一緒に勉強し、カルタで大いに盛り上がりました!

By Ryoko